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Sarah P - Ainsworth, NE

"I've been a Viaero customer for over 10 years. My family currently has 5 lines and home internet through Viaero. I have been constantly impressed with the quality and availability of service I received from Viaero. I love Viaero and will continue to be a loyal customer!"

Della - Sargent, NE

"I live in a very small community, but that didn’t keep Viaero away from coming into my community with a tower and representatives to provide this community with great coverage and packages to help with the daily lives of myself and my neighbors. I have never had a problem with coverage, even when traveling to California."

We make Service our Priority


Nancy - Holdrege, NE

"Viaero has some of the lowest priced phone plans in the industry. They always carry a variety of phones in all price ranges to fit everyone’s pocket book. The guys at our store have always gone the extra mile to help us in any way and have saved us money."

S.R - Palisade, NE

"With the changing times we are going through right now I think that Viaero is a must to have for the communication with family and my customers. They have so many options to choose from with phones and service plans. If you don’t need the unlimited plan like I have, then they can find a plan and a phone that will work for your budget."

We make Value our Priority


Brian P - Brush, CO

"It's nice to be able to go the our local store and actually talk to someone. AT&T makes you wait too long these days and their agents seems untrained and unwilling to help. I'm not going back to AT&T; Ever. Viaero has it figured out and they are charging forward. I can appreciate that!"

Mark W - Battle Creek

"I can't begin to list all the good things that the staff at Viaero has done to help us with our questions. The quality of reception, the coverage all over the US and the staff that support the customers make Viaero an exceptional value. I can't believe everyone isn't using Viaero."

We make Customers our Priority


Brad - Davenport, NE

"They are the only company that is helping small, rural communities.”


Shawn - CA

"I wanted to make a comment about the weather cameras. I work in a window-less office building in California and this has been like having a window looking over the plains! I am a weather enthusiast and often follow/assist spotters remotely. Seeing the storms from a bird's eye view really changes your perspective. Thank you so much for providing this service to the public!


Lisa P - Bridgeport, NE

“Viaero has been in our area for a long time, I feel they have stood out as a company in the wireless provider world in our area. They are very supportive of our community, I have had nothing but good experiences with Viaero!”

Your Safety is Our Priority