Get a Smartphone & Unlimited Service for Only $10/mth! No Credit Check required.*

Perfect for K-12 students under 18 who want to stay connected to your classes, friends and family.


  • Unlimited Nationwide Data
  • Free Samsung Galaxy A10e Smartphone
  • 3G Unlimited Hotspot
  • Unlimited Nationwide Voice & Text
  • Deluxe Voicemail
  • Caller ID, Call Forwarding, & Call Waiting
  • 480p Streaming Quality
  • Up to 3 Mbps Network Speeds
  • ASP protection plan available at 50% off w/ $50 service charge
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*Viaero Student Unlimited Plan is available for K-12 students and includes unlimited nationwide data, text, and calling. Requires valid student ID and parent or legal guardian ownership of the account. No credit check required. Free Samsung A10e smartphone available with 30-month installment purchase agreement and offsetting promotional credits. Taxes/fees due at purchase. Viaero Assurance Service Plan discounted 50% off for the free phone on the Student Unlimited Plan only. Calling/roaming to or in Canada/Mexico or other countries not available. Maximum data speed on this plan is 3Mbps, with video streaming to phone at 480p. Unlimited 3G hotspot maximum speed is 512Kbps.